Tis the season…

Last time I was here, I remember talking about the “summer of releases”. Well……  what did you think?! As promised, David Cook’s sophomore album – “This Loud Morning” released on June 28; Hell or Highwater (formerly known as Black Cloud Collective) released their debut album – “Begin Again” on August 9; MWK’s “Luna Espera – EP” hit the shelves on Mr. Skib’s bday November 9th (not technically summer but close enough). Do you have your copies of all these? Are they on your iPod? Have you seen a show yet? Have you purchased merchandise for the whole family? Well I suggest you do. TIS THE SEASON!!! All of the above would be a wonderful Christmas gift to your loved ones.

And my beautiful baby girl – Elle Monroe Peek entered this world on August 30!

My baby Elle was born a healthy 8 lbs 8 oz (just like her old man). I thank God every day for blessing my family with such a little miracle from heaven. I can’t believe she will be 12 weeks old tomorrow! Time flies… I can’t wait to hold her again…

Stay Gold

-The KID

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Summer Releases

I feel like this is going to be an amazing summer of releases. New songs, new looks, and most importantly – my new baby!

As you all know, Mr. David Cook’s forthcoming album – “This Loud Morning” – will be available this summer on June 28th. It was such a blast to be a part of DC’s record this time around and be able to be there with all the guys throughout the process. I jumped on this crew after the first record was written. It’s such a different story being able to tour with a record that you put your blood, sweat and tears into; growing with the band throughout. I’m very proud of all the guys and I can’t wait to do this again with them. So get your PRE-ORDER on and get some deluxe editions with behind the scenes footage and check out the music video for the first single “The Last Goodbye”. Some of you have already noticed that we got to do a little acting in the sneak preview caught on VH1. So I hope you all faint just like your good ole buddy Kyle Peek here did once you see it! Out of sheer excitement that is…

Also, some of you also might have noticed the other band that I was so fortunate to join – The Black Cloud Collective. At first, I was skeptical to work with a drummer-turned-frontman; because us drummers are crazy and it could have been a recipe for destruction. And on top of that, it is nerve racking because Brandon is such a phenomenal drummer, I didn’t think I could hold a candle next to him. But let me say this – Brandon Saller (founder of the BCC) is one of those few Grohls that go out there and kick major ass in all that they do. Whether it be drums, guitar, singing, entertaining the crowd, or just being a great friend  - it doesn’t matter. He rocks it all! Neal “Dr.” Tiemann and I jumped on the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour with them and it was a freakin blast. And when we got back, we got to write and record final tracks for what will be BCC’s debut album. I’m very excited for all this and I can’t wait for you all to hear the finished product! Should be coming out this summer as well so keep your eyes and ears open and download the single “Hail Mary” while you wait! Also, follow us on twitter – @TheBCCofficial

Next band up for discussion would be MWK. Those who have kept a close eye out, have possibly noticed that there is some new material in the works. We’ve had live studio webstreams, pics, and sound clips to tease you all. And with this tiny blog, I’m probably teasing even more. But I am very excited about this project and I love working with these guys. Maybe a cd release show should be in order. hmmm?

Due to the chaotic and entertaining schedule of touring and recording lately, I have sadly had to postpone my personal project that I was hoping for you all to hear this summer. Hope is not lost though. We have the blueprints of our songs mapped out and recorded. Now we need vocals and tasty guitar leads to go on top of it and then we’ll be a lot closer to being done. Where I will find the time to get this done still seems to be the issue. But I promise you, I WILL finish it. In the mean time, there are plenty of releases coming out this summer that will tide you over for the time being right?

And last but not least…

My baby girl will be making her debut into this world around her pending due date of August 23rd, 2011!!! I just can’t wait to hold her… There isn’t much else to say. I’m just so thankful for God giving me my family. Hayden is so stoked to be a big brother and I am so proud at how much he has grown this year. I love how he loves to challenge himself and how he helps out around the house when I have to leave for work. He’s been very helpful to his mommy. And I’m so thankful for my wife and how you continues to support me in all that I do. She is the most amazing woman and I could never be anything without her. I am so proud of her too and how she works her butt off every day to finish up school and still raise this family all the while being pregnant. She is such a trooper!

Anyways, those are my summer releases. I hope you all are just as excited as I am. Please find David Cook, Black Cloud Collective, and MWK on the web for updates. Can’t wait for you all to hear the kick ass music that we’ve all mustered up!

God Bless…

Stay Gold

-The KID

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Peek-a-boo! Baby on the way!

First off, I would just like to thank God for blessing my family with this wonderful gift. It is all in His timing and we could not be happier to be having a baby due in August. We just recently found out that our baby is going to be a GIRL! And as of now, she is healthy and growing. I believe in the power of prayer and welcome all prayers for our baby that she just comes out healthy and ready to be a PEEK! My lovely wife is just about half way through this pregnancy and looks as beautiful as ever! And Hayden could not be any more ecstatic to becoming a big brother. We are so anxious to see what God has in store for us. Stay tuned for more baby updates. And thank you all for your baby name suggestions! Very much appreciated. Can’t wait to have my little girl in my arms! Looks like I need to get back on the road to start making money for my family again. haha. So when that sophomore album comes out – make sure you guys all buy yourself double what you bought for the first and don’t hesitate to come out to all our shows! God Bless and Stay Gold

-The KID

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Thank you!

I would just like to thank everyone – family, friends, and all you fans out there – for all of those amazing Birthday wishes! You honestly do not know how much it means to me. I’m just some dude who loves my family and likes to play music and you all took time the time out of your days to wish me a happy birthday. I couldn’t have had a happier bday thanks to all of you. I am truly blessed… It seems like just yesterday (2 years ago) that I made a fool of myself while the band tallied up my arm and my little bro cracked jokes until I passed out. haha. Good times? Well I can’t wait to get started with 2011. Got a ton of news for you guys that I will slowly be revealing as the days go by.

My 23rd is going to be a good year. I used to be afraid of it. Cause of the whole conspiracy thing and all. But God has transformed my life this past year and I know that through him, I will be where I need to be. And will continue to be who He has made me to be. I hope all of you have an awesome year as well! Happy Birthday to all y’alls in advance!!! God Bless and Stay Gold

-The KID

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Looking back on 2010…

I was on the road with some great people for ALL of 2009. So 2010 was definitely a well deserved change of pace. I got to be HOME all year!

-Got to begin my marriage actually with my wife instead of on a bus with 5 other dudes. My wife is the most amazing woman in the entire world and I thank God for her each and every day of my life cause I am nothing without her. She encourages me and loves me like no other and I absolutely love that I get to spend the rest of my life with her.

-Got to spend some great quality time with my son, who is just growing and learning so much it’s amazing. Such a talented, outgoing, loving kid and I am so proud of him with everything he does. I wish he would just stay little though for me. Before I know it, he’ll be touring the world, or playing pro ball, or saving lives and catching robbers like spiderman or batman. It changes every day and I love it!

-Became somewhat of a Mr. Mom for a little. (vacuums, dishes, and toilets – gettin it done)

-Said good bye to my great grandma and  ”GRIZZ”… They will forever be missed

-Grew closer to the Lord and learned so much about my “walk” and how to walk it in order to glorify Him.

-Even got to start my own side project! On our time off, I’ve been given the opportunity to create some music with my little brother and some great friends and I can’t wait to reveal it to you!

2010 just felt like a huge eye opener for every aspect in my life. I feel so much more ready for anything God brings my way and am excited to live for Him each and every day.

I am looking forward to many surprises that 2011 already has to offer and I’ll just take them as they come. Remembering always to stay gold. I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years and I’m looking forward to seeing you all on the road soon.

Take care and God bless

-The KID

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Long time, no talk…

Hey everyone!

I know it has been a good solid 2 and a half months since I have last posted anything on here. But I hope my little tweets here and there have been able to tide you over for the time being. Especially since I have promised you many updates… (which are on their way, I promise you). And I’m sure you are all eager to hear a certain sophomore album from a certain singer who may or may have not won a certain vocal competition. Well all of that, has kept me busy and I am just as anxious as all of you to hear what you think. So, stay strong and keep this awesome streak of patience going cause when you see us again, it’ll be worth it.

Stay Gold

-The KID

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Welcome everyone to kylepeek.com!

Yes, you have just entered my new website complete with every source of anything and everything relating to ME! All of my social networking sites will now be directly linked to this site, making it a quick stop for all updates. Myspace, Twitter, Flickr, Vimeo, show schedule updates, and I’ve got some surprises in store for you guys as well. A lot of videos will be coming your way – music videos (past and present), live clips, and maybe even some behind the scene footage.

Also, you may notice the music section is under construction. Well patience is a virtue. Soon you will be able to hear some of my new material from all my different projects. I’m stoked with what lies ahead and I hope you guys are all along for the ride. Drummers need love too! So please leave me some comments and if you haven’t already added me on my other sites, well then, please do so now! Take care and God bless.

-The KID

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