Welcome everyone to kylepeek.com!

Yes, you have just entered my new website complete with every source of anything and everything relating to ME! All of my social networking sites will now be directly linked to this site, making it a quick stop for all updates. Myspace, Twitter, Flickr, Vimeo, show schedule updates, and I’ve got some surprises in store for you guys as well. A lot of videos will be coming your way – music videos (past and present), live clips, and maybe even some behind the scene footage.

Also, you may notice the music section is under construction. Well patience is a virtue. Soon you will be able to hear some of my new material from all my different projects. I’m stoked with what lies ahead and I hope you guys are all along for the ride. Drummers need love too! So please leave me some comments and if you haven’t already added me on my other sites, well then, please do so now! Take care and God bless.

-The KID

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68 Responses to Welcome everyone to kylepeek.com!

  1. connico479 says:

    Nice job, Kyle! So happy to see a website for you. Can’t wait for the new record to be released! Also, looking forward to seeing you with David Cook and/or MWK soon! Maybe some more glow sticks? You rocked those! Take care & God bless!

  2. Tracy says:

    The site looks great, can’t until you guys are on the road again.

  3. Karen Ferrier says:

    Kyle, you are a breath of fresh air and such a great role model! I just love you to pieces. Not only for your artistic talent, but for the terrific man that you are. Your love for your wife and son is so precious for this world to see and hear about. God bless you, Kyle with the flying hair!

    Karen in Ct…..

  4. Kelly (lvmyhbyndc) says:

    Love the website – very classy, Enjoyed finding out more about you. You were always so friendly and appreciative on tour. Can’t wait for the new album and for you guys to get back out on the road. It’s comforting to know the other guys have you on the road with them. Looking forward to new music, however it comes to us.

  5. Karen Ferrier says:

    God has blessed me today, hearing from you! This week you tweeted that you were leading the worship at your church, and that made me jump for joy! I go to a terrific church, and there are lots of people your age there, and I am a bit older, but it is so awesome to see young adults praising God!
    Roger Federer excels at tennis, Neal excels on lead guitar, Monty is dapper and cool as a bass guitarist and Andy is so versatile with instruments and singing and videotaping lol…..then there is David, who has a voice to die for and who is responsible for my hormones being all screwed up….and lots of other too! Kyle, to watch you on those drums is a sight to behold, such a God given gift and so entertaining, not to mention the fact that yes, you ARE the best drummer on the planet! You Are!


    Karen on twitter iluvDCyes

  6. Karen Ferrier says:

    My favorite pic of you Kyle! First time with new camera!

  7. Karen Ferrier says:

    Hey Kyle,

    I cannot help myself writing to you because you are such an amazing guy. Is there a way to send pictures to this site? I tried, it didn’t work.

    Anyway, your son is a very blessed little boy to have you for a Dad! We are all blessed by you…I hope you can feel the love!


    Karen in CT iluvDCyes on twitter

  8. Karen Ferrier says:

    Hi again….
    I was listening to David’s Busch Garden music, and I always zone in on the drums. Kyle, I just am so impressed with you, I cannot stop telling you that. Your God given talent on those drums totally blows me away. So many different beats, like the difference between Straight Ahead and IDIFY….and BBS….You really are a master musician. And you must have been roasting at Busch Gardens, it was so hot, and you have to work so hard and fast.

    I love you,KP

    Karen in CT

  9. Karen Ferrier says:

    Just my weekly hi, Kyle….had my screensaver on, all pictures of you guys, and nice one of you, so thought I would say hey! I don’t understand how the music business works, but do know that you are part of MWK right? Anyway, I look forward to the future of seeing the Messiah of Drums behind David sometime down the road. I need to save some money! Saw you guys 15 times last year! It will NEVER be enough…never! Love you, hope your wife and son are well.

  10. Karen FerrierK says:

    Oh, Kyle, thank you so much for your post! We all know it is really hard waiting for what we KNOW will be wonderful, but you are right, it will be worth the wait. If you only could know how much you are loved and when you guys come on stage we are screaming our heads off for ALL of you! Not just the lead singer, the guy who won a singing competition…we love you all so so much! I hope you are have great family time now, because it will be back to the buses before long. XOXOXOXOXOX


  11. Joan says:

    Thanks Kyle! Looking forward to seeing your hair flying behind those drums again! It’ll be worth the wait.

  12. Kyle, you are just a breath of fresh air, so full of love, so close to God, such a great role model, such a loving hubby and dad. I am so happy that you had a whole year with your family and that you have moved to a new home! Cannot wait to hear your news, and I know that the Lord will be with you every step and drum beat of the way. Another tour is on the horizon, and although it will be difficult to be on the road away from your family we will keep you all in our prayers. Your wife and son have got to be so very proud of you! I wish we could meet them !

    Karen in Ct.

  13. Karen Ferrier says:

    I am so so happy for you and your precious family, Kyle! This is so exciting! I hope David gives you some great time off during the tour so you can be at home…everyone will miss you, but you need to be with your family. I am praying for that to work out for everyone.

  14. Janet says:

    Thanks for sharing all your thoughts and emotions Kyle. I’m so very happy for you and your family with the arrival of you little girl. You all are blessed to have each other! It’s crazy that you’re jugglling 3 bands, but you are so great at what you do – why not spread it around. I got to see you with BCC, will DEFINATELY catch you on tour with David, and my Holy Grail is to one day see MWK live. A girl has to have dreams… Love ya,

  15. Rascalete says:

    Thank you for taking the time to write a blog. I can see a lot of Davids traits in you. devoted (family)husband and father. kind-hearted, funny and sensitive. I know that you have a full plate but you have Jesus and I know how He helps us get thru all that life brings and that you will be able to handle it all with prayer, patience and hard work. I hope Your whole family has a great summer and Good Luck with the new baby girl. ~FrannieW

  16. YOU ARE THE BEST DRUMMER I HAVE EVER HEARD! This Loud Morning is superior because of your drums!

  17. Karen Ferrier says:

    Excited to hear from you when baby Peek arrives! I think about you all a lot!


  18. Keys says:

    Furaerlz? That’s marvelously good to know.

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