Tis the season…

Last time I was here, I remember talking about the “summer of releases”. Well…… ¬†what did you think?! As promised, David Cook’s sophomore album – “This Loud Morning” released on June 28; Hell or Highwater (formerly known as Black Cloud Collective) released their debut album – “Begin Again” on August 9; MWK’s “Luna Espera – EP” hit the shelves on Mr. Skib’s bday November 9th (not technically summer but close enough). Do you have your copies of all these? Are they on your iPod? Have you seen a show yet? Have you purchased merchandise for the whole family? Well I suggest you do. TIS THE SEASON!!! All of the above would be a wonderful Christmas gift to your loved ones.

And my beautiful baby girl – Elle Monroe Peek entered this world on August 30!

My baby Elle was born a healthy 8 lbs 8 oz (just like her old man). I thank God every day for blessing my family with such a little miracle from heaven. I can’t believe she will be 12 weeks old tomorrow! Time flies… I can’t wait to hold her again…

Stay Gold

-The KID

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4 Responses to Tis the season…

  1. Jeannine says:

    You certainly have had a busy and productive year, Kyle. Thank you for all the music and congrats on the birth of beautiful baby Elle. Here’s to a happy, healthy and equally productive 2012!

  2. Rachel says:

    You’re always telling us how blessed you are with so many wonderful things. But for those of us who follow you here or on any other website or who get to see you perform or who hear your amazing talent, it is us who are blessed to have come to know you. I was blessed to see you at the last three concerts and coming back to see you again in Niagara, Clifton Park, Glenside and NYC and can’t wait.

  3. Rascalete says:

    Kyle you are difinitely a big plus to David’s band, he is very smart at picking great musicians and more important nice and heartfelt men like him.. I love the way you show how proud you are of being a husband and father.. Congrats again on the new baby and happy that she is healthy and happy. Prayers to your whole family. ~frannieW

  4. karen ferrier says:

    You are such an incredible guy, Kyle…family man and awesomest drummer on the planet! Thank you for just who you are! God Bless you and your family

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